Training on Low Temperature District Heating in the Baltic Sea Region (LowTEMP 2.0)

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2020.10.01 - 2021.12.31
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In the main stage project LowTEMP, capacity building with regard to LTDH is one work focus and on this background the “LowTEMP training package” will be developed until the end of 2020. Due to the immense need and demand for knowledge among the target groups, the follow-up project LowTEMP 2.0 has been approved with a special focus on increasing the durability and uptake of the LowTEMP training approach.

The training package will be adapted to the national framework conditions and translated into the respective national languages of the Baltic Sea Region. Afterwards, training seminars will be organized in the different countries tailored to the target groups, i.e. municipal and regional representatives being in charge of DH issues, DH suppliers and energy utilities, energy agencies, planners and engineers. The implementation of the training seminars will be accompanied and evaluated in order to guarantee traceability of outcomes and effects of the training seminars. In addition, the content of the training package will be transformed into eLearning courses. These free online courses meet the requirements of modern learners that prefer interactive content and remote courses, which offer the possibility to take part in educational programmes without leaving the workplace.

LowTEMP 2.0 aims at further enhancing knowledge and competence on sustainable DH systems and LTDH with the projects’ target groups and enable them to upgrade existing DH systems or plan new LTDH grids, both being a precondition to make heat supply in the BSR more energy efficient and climate-friendly.

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