Nanostructured materials for solid-state hydrogen storage (MP1103)

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2011.10.25 - 2015.10.24
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This Action deals with the future of energy storage and aims to set up a competitive and coordinated network capable to define new and unexplored ways for Solid State Hydrogen Storage (SSHS) by innovative and interdisciplinary research within the European Research Area (ERA). This Action focuses on SSHS in light-weight nanostructured materials to discover novel guidelines and phenomena for the design of advanced SSHS systems. This Action will exploit the potential of state-of-the-art synthesis techniques, structure analysis and computer simulations to achieve truly atomic-level control in the design of materials’ structure, microstructure and chemical bonding which are crucial for the assessment of structure-properties relationships. Through the control of the hydrogen binding energy and the optimization of hydrogen transport and surface catalysis, the final goal is the development of SSHS materials with tailored properties that find practical implementation in transportation and energy sectors to sustain in medium-long terms the economies of European countries. This Action contributes to form a critical mass of researchers, increasing cooperation and interaction to coordinate outstanding R&D and innovation-based growth in the field of SSHS materials, in order to overcome the present bottlenecks for their widespread industrial application.

Koordinatorius: ENEA, Italija

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