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Česnavičius M. [LEI], Konstantinavičiūtė I. [LEI]. Analysis of electricity sources impact on Lithuania’s electricity market price In: Proceedings 17th IAEE European Conference “The future of global energy systems”, Athens, Greece, September 21-24, 2022. . Athens: 2022, p. 1-2. ISSN 2707-6075.


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LIFE programa


Santrauka (anglų kalba): Lithuania has ratified the Paris Agreement and, together with other EU Member States (MS), has made a binding commitment to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emiDaugiau

Šiaurės šalių energetikos tyrimų programa (NERP)

Nordic Energy Research logotipas

Public summary (Research questions, analytical and practical approach) The 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling (5GDHC) network has great advantages in integration of low teDaugiau

Nordic Energy Research logotipas

Šiuo projektu siekiama ištirti, kaip Šiaurės ir Baltijos šalys gali sukurti geresnius ir išsamesnius energetikos plėtros scenarijų modelius. Pagrindinis projekto dėmesys bus skiriamasDaugiau